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Best protection from first day
Baby Rash Cream

Oksizinc Baby Anti-irritant
Pomat Prevents
rash formation
with 20% zinc

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Protect Your Skin With Oksizinc Pomat

Thanks to zinc oxide and
Norwegian fish oil in
the content of Oksizinc pomat,
it can be used as a face mask
for acne, skin stains,
skin whitening and
skin smoothness.

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Oksizinc Lotion with 20%
zinc oxide content Helps
relieve your skin after
burning and uninfected
wounds after epilation.

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Do not say rash
The diaper begins as a skin irritation to the area of the fabric where the baby's body is the only region in contact with the urine and stool. The most frequently observed age range is 0-18 months. Especially when the complementary feeding period is started after 6 months, rash appears more frequently. Rash skin; dry, crusted, red or bleeding. After healing, the duration of healing can range from 1 to 10 days. During this time the infant is observed to be uncomfortable due to the pain and swelling of the rash area and discomfort during sub-cleaning. It is necessary to consider the stain. Some babies are more prone to pink than others. The fact that baby skin is thinner than adult skin, and that the covered area is closed and humid, reveals skin inflammation and openness to regional infections. Rashes can become more serious with the pain and discomfort of your baby as well as the progress and addition of other infections such as mushrooms.
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Pink powder is not the solution
Your stomach is caused by the appearance of one of every three newborn babies and irritation of the skin. The baby's beige is not changed for a long time and the resulting wetness, changes in diet, medication, skin cleansing, and soap used in the underpinning triggers a rash. The best way to prevent stubbing is to always keep the area covered by the underpad clean, dry and cool.
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Mothers rash warning
Prolonged contact with urine and stool can irritate sensitive baby's skin. Especially in babies, diarrhea can result in rash formation if defecation occurs. Sensitive and moist skin of babies is very sensitive to rubbing. Nappies and narrow garments that irritate the skin can trigger rash formation. Bebeğin skin; baby garments, detergents washed by clothes, softeners, or wipes made of cleaners. Some babies' skins may also be sensitive to baby lotions, powders and oils. A small infection in the skin of babies can soon spread to the surrounding area. Bacteria and fungi can settle between skin folds and start rash formation, especially in moist and hot areas. The content of feces changes when babies switch to solid food. This can increase the risk of rash formation. Differences in infant feeding are among the causes of rash formation. Apart from all these factors, it is accepted that the drugs used by babies, lack of zinc, not keeping their skin clean enough and the reflection of mother's differences in mother's feeding can lead to rash in babies.
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How to prevent rash in babies?
Rash is a skin problem caused by a mushroom called candida albicans. It is seen as redness and swelling. This type of mushroom we like is like urine and fecal waste and can develop intensively in that area. The mushroom is a favorite when the region is moist and wet. The most important method of preventing and treating the stomach in babies is to keep the area covered by the diaper clean, dry and cool. The baby's lower back should be changed frequently and ventilated to the extent possible. Also, when connecting the lower cloth, the waist should be loosely connected so that two fingers can enter. The baby's bottom should be selected according to the age and weight of the baby. Small-sized cloths cause the baby to squeeze and irritate the skin, while large-sized cloths cause leakage and make the baby uncomfortable. Once the babies have made their toilet, the crotch area should be washed with warm water every time the bottom cloth is changed. Stool and urine wastes should not be released. If it is not cleanly cleaned, the mushroom that causes the flour can develop smoothly. When babies' areas of cloth are cleaned, this area should be cleaned gently with a mild soap or clear water with the help of a wet cotton or a clean cloth. If wet wipes are used, care should be taken to ensure that the wipes are non-alcoholic and soft.
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